Lister Domestic Water Pump
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Originally designed by R A Lister of Dursley, the Domestic Pump is a long established ´┐Żpositive displacement´┐Ż water pumping machine. It was originally designed many years ago specifically to provide fresh water from wells or nearby streams for domestic use. Over the years, it has been used to boost (when placed in tandem) water that needs to be moved upwards over long distances for agriculture, golf courses, or ornamental gardens.

Many thousands have been sold world-wide off the back of its reputation for very long life and reliability. Indeed we are currently providing overhaul facilities for pumps up to 40 years old.

Models are available with electric drive or petrol engine drive, or even supplied without engine (Basic Unit). The body of the machine is constructed mainly from cast iron components and the plunger cups from neoprene or leather.

  Price Stock
Bare shaft pump for replacement of existing unit £ 924.10 187.00409
Basic unit plus pump pulley and belt guard £ 1137.35 187.00369
Basic pump plus ½HP single phase 50HZ motor £ 1542.53 187.00391
Basic pump plus 1HP single phase 50HZ motor £ 1826.87 187.00411
Basic pump plus Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke petrol engine £ 1826.87 187.00395
All price subject to VAT at current rate

The Pump will suck water from wells as deep as 7 metres (25 ft) and deliver up to a vertical height of 75 metres (250ft) depending on the fitted drive.

A full range of spare parts can be supplied for the Domestic Water Pump. Maintenance is very simple, and the replacement of any wearing parts is at low cost.

Although the Pump was originally designed for fresh domestic water applications, in recent years it has also been used extensively for other functions such as:

Lister Domestic Water Pump
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Machines are manufactured in our own UK factory. However there are opportunities to supply the machine in bulk to overseas distributors on a part knock down basis. In doing so, cost is reduced to the customer whilst at the same time creating valuable work for the local work force.

Domestic Water Pump